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The Performance Formula

The Performance Formula

How do we achieve High Performance?

Performance = Potential - Interference

The secret to high performance is not more but less. Less interference, less distraction, less obstacles.

Likewise if you want results in a certain area, you must look at what is getting in your way. This is a different approach to the one many of us are trained to use. We go for more. What do we need to get there. How do we achieve it? Rather a better question is what is getting in my way here? Ultimately, this boils down to the fact that this is the way the human mind and body work. The human mind performs better when there is less in the way. Less thought, less emotion, less interference.

By removing the obstacles, we allow for more because all the energy and other resources are no longer getting wasted, but rather focused and concentrated towards ONE end goal. However, if I struggle to find more, all I will do is get less because I will be interfering and wasting my input. Sound confusing? Well, then all you need to remember is this. Find the space. Get clear on the outcome you want to achieve. And flow from there.

So with regard to, say, fat loss. A good question is: how do I burn fat? If I were to ask that question, I wouldn't start focusing on fat burners, some new fad of fitness classes, cardio, taking fiber pills and all sorts of things. Rather I would investigate what it is that is interfering with fat loss in the first place. See, the body naturally burns fat. That is the nature of the body. We use fat cells for energy. Nothing extraordinary about that. But why does it not do that sometimes?

Well, perhaps the abundance of carbohydrates has taken the body out of its natural state as a fat burning machine and shifted to a glucose or even protein burning machine. So we must become fat adapted. That allows the body to do what is born to do and burn fat. Simple enough. A lot of issues seem to clear up when we become fat adapted. Hormonal issues, energy problems and, yes, obesity or stubborn body fat. Another thing we can do is intermittent fasting again. If we ask the question what is interfering with fat los we might look and see that breakfast is doing it. While we sleep we burn fat. If we simply extend that natural fast we are all in during sleep, perhaps that should do the trick. All we needs to is shift 'breakfast' to later in the day and get some other stuff done in that time, instead of shoving food in our face. Many of us aren't even hungry when we break our fast. We don't even know why we eat, we're simply conditioned to do it. And then we wonder why fat loss has stalled.