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The majority of our Group Training centers around boxing training, which we use as a vehicle to get you into your optimum level of performance and fitness.

At Beyond Fitness LA, we aim to blend detailed technique focus with highly intense workouts, so whether you are interested in perfecting your movement patterns, mastering the basics or getting a blood pumping workout - we have you covered.

In your first class, you will go through the basic beginner workouts. The training will be just as intense. The only difference is that you will be learning and mastering the fundamentals of boxing. Once you have ‘graduated’ from the beginner's section, you will progress to the more developed aspects of our program, which blends resistance training with boxing.


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  • A targeted blend of full-body strength training combined with a high-i...

    Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat

    55 min

  • Circuit Training geared toward building and growing your Glutes and sc...


    45 min


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