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BFLA is a boutique gym that provides combat based semi-private fitness in an enjoyable, passionate and supportive environment. We blend old school training and new school science to unlock your highest potential and highest performance.
Classes are primarily boxing based and - unlike other gyms - you’ll actually feel like you’re learning the art of combat whilst having a mind blowing, body altering workout.

What sets BFLA apart is it’s focus on the latest discoveries in the field of health and fitness and a relentless drive to bring that understanding to you: the client. Not only do we guarantee you’ll build muscle, burn fat and transform your health, but we’ll also make sure that you’re actually learning along the way and having a damn good time doing it.
We’re so confident that you’ll love what we do offer, that we’re willing to give you a session on the house with no obligation to purchase just so you can see what we have to offer.

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My name is Liron Kayvan and I founded BFLA in 2019. I’m a NASM Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Transformative Life Coach. I was born in London but moved to LA in 2016. I’ve competed in Amateur MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Rugby and been a Fitness Coach for over 10 years.


The reason I started BFLA was to create a conscious community of people interested in being the best they could be and supporting others in that same pursuit. I believe a person can achieve anything they put their mind to and fitness is a perfect place to begin that Transformation because you are control. I’ve done it myself, I’ve seen it with thousands of others and I love showing up to the gym every day to make that happen for you.


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You should love your Fitness. If you don't, you wont last long. The foundation of BFLA is leading workouts that people not only enjoy but feel in love with. That's the secret not only to results, but to true Transformation.


Whether you're trying to Burn Fat, Build Muscle, or be a better Athlete, the fact remains that you have to Commit and you gotta be Consistent. But you can't do that if your workouts suck!

We offer Private and Semi-Private Fitness sessions in the heart of Westwood. We're so confident that you will love what we do, that we're willing to give you a session on the house to convince you. So go ahead and drop us a line if you're ready to Transform!

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